Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday smile

As it's the end of Local Newspaper Week this weekend, I thought I'd share with you a couple of blogs that take a good-natured (most of the time) swipe at some of the stories and pictures that make it into print in local newspapers around the UK.

Journalists have always enjoyed laughing at mistakes, odd stories and images in other newspapers - which is why when I was co-editor of HoldTheFrontPage we always knew we'd get great traffic levels and engagement online when we ran headline howlers. (They still do, go and have a look)

Now, I have to stress that I am well aware that local newspaper journalists and photographers are under IMMENSE pressure these days because staffing levels have been slashed and they are having to work fast and furiously to fill their pages. Of course mistakes do creep in, they're only human, and some (apparently) bizarre judgements can be made about what is 'news'. So, I hope no-one takes offence, and enjoys these two blogs in the spirit in which I am sure they were intended.

Angry People In Local Newspapers

Dull News In Local Newspapers

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