Monday, 30 June 2014

Publishing to LinkedIn - and why it's good to take a holiday

A lie-in, a walk in the sunshine, a day off or a proper holiday - when did you last take a break from your business?

Perhaps it was the fact that a week in Norfolk is beckoning that made me consider that taking time off is a skill that some of us need to learn.

I used this idea as the theme for my first post on the new LinkedIn publishing platform.

LinkedIn has made several changes in recent months - and probably the biggest is the fact that you can now write your own posts and articles directly on to the world's biggest B2B social network - not just add links to ones you've written elsewhere.

If you can see a little pen (or is it a pencil?) in the space where you share an update on LinkedIn, you too can write an article. Just click on the pen and off you go.

Your existing connections will see your post, and be able to share it, and the articles you publish will appear on your profile so that when anyone new searches for you on LinkedIn they see them too.

LinkedIn has provided some great tips to help you write good content.

Are you thinking this offers you a great opportunity to get your ideas across to the influencers and leaders of the business world, or are you shaking your head and thinking - 'Not ANOTHER platform to update with content?' Maybe you need a holiday? If so, perhaps you'd like to read this post I wrote about the subject on LinkedIn - When did you last take a break from your business?

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