Thursday, 3 July 2014

Choosing the right social media tools for the job

"We've got an event coming up this Friday. We're going to set up a Twitter account to promote it."

"We want to gather feedback from a small group of our employees - so we're going to set up a Facebook Page."

Over recent years social media platforms have evolved, and some of those changes have been driven by the way people have used them, but there are things that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and the rest are designed to do - and then there are things that they are definitely NOT designed to do.

I'm all in favour of being inventive and creative when it comes to using social media to engage, promote and help others, but you wouldn't use a chainsaw to take the lid off a tub of ice cream (unless it had been a REALLY bad day) and equally you should choose the right platform for the audience you want to reach and the time you have available to get your message across.

If you want a chat about using social media more effectively, do get in touch (ice cream optional).


  1. Great article full of wisdom as always!
    Looking forward to the day we see you wielding a chainsaw!

  2. It could happen, you never know!