Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What a wordle can say about you and your website

The other day I was playing about with some websites that let you create 'wordles' - images built from words on a specific theme, or created from the frequency of their use on a named website.

As a bit of an experiment I popped my Caittom Publishing website address into one site, and the wordle above was automatically generated. As you would expect, it picks up all the services that I provide and write about, and I love the emphasis on certain words and the phrases you can put together from them.

Leaping off the page to me, for instance, is "Social media for business is about people".

How true.

Businesses can achieve great results if they harness the enthusiasm of their own employees, and the customers who love them, to share their stories on social media and talk about what makes them different from their rivals.

Social media for business is also about listening to people and engaging with them about the issues that matter to them. It's a missed opportunity if you use social media purely as a broadcast channel to talk about your own business.

What would a wordle say about your website content? Are you saying the right things to the right people?

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