Friday, 24 October 2014

Five favourite LinkedIn tips from Women In Business

I recently presented on one of my favourite subjects, LinkedIn, to a Women In Business event in Burton-on-Trent.

Thanks to the Women In Business partners: Burton and District Chamber of CommerceSmith PartnershipFCM Associates and Hoar Cross Hall for the invitation to speak.

So, I thought  I'd share with you the tips that proved the most popular with the delegates at the Pirelli Stadium.

1. Customise your LinkedIn home page

You can choose what appears on your home page when you first log on to LinkedIn.

It can be a busy page when you are seeing notifications from all your connections and groups and the companies and influencers that you follow.

You can turn off some of that noise by selecting 'Customize' (US spelling!) from the dropdown under 'Updates' on your Home Page

2. How to remove a LinkedIn connection

If you want to remove a connection, go to their profile and click on the down arrow to the right of the 'Send a Message' button.

The dropdown gives you a number of options for actions including endorsing or recommending this person. If you have a good reason for not wanting to keep them as a LinkedIn connection you can choose the final options 'Remove connection'. They won't be notified that you have removed the connection.

This functionality is currently only available on the desktop version of LinkedIn. You can't remove a connection on the LinkedIn mobile app.

3. How to personalise an invitation to connect on LinkedIn

A few people have been caught out by a recent update that has rolled out on LinkedIn. Previously if you went on to someone's profile page and clicked the blue 'Connect' you would always be asked how you knew the person and then you would have the option to personalise the invitation to connect. Now pressing 'Connect' fires off the default message for most users.

I'm a big fan of personalising invitations so that you can explain to people why connecting would be mutually beneficial. It also shows that you've gone to the trouble of typing something specific and personal, indicating that it is a connection that you will value.

If you want to personalise your invitation on the desktop version, you need to click on the down arrow to the right of 'Connect' and 'Send InMail' and select the dropdown option to 'Personalize invitation'.

If you are using LinkedIn's mobile app, and you are on iPhone iOS6 and above, you  need to go to the person's profile page and click on the icon top right of the page that looks like a box and an arrow and then tap the option to 'Customize invitation'. 

4. Catching up on news, ideas and inspirational articles via Pulse.

Exploring the Pulse section - accessed underneath 'Interests' from the main horizontal navigation - is a great way to learn from influential companies and business people across the world.

Use the 'Discover' tab to choose the people, companies and topics you want to read about. They will then filter into 'Your News'. You can update them as often as you like. For a change, choose 'Top Reads' to see what is proving popular that day.

5. Make the news yourself

LinkedIn's publishing platform was made available to everyone this year and is an easy way to write your own article. Just click the pencil in the box where you would normally add a status update on your home page and you'll be taken to a page where you type your article, add a headline, and a picture - and away you go.

It's a great way to increase your visibility and draw in potential new connections. If you are short on inspiration see the sort of 'stories' that other people are telling to get their point across. There's also good tips and advice to get you started here on LinkedIn.

  • If you want to know more about the power of LinkedIn to grow your business, or you want some help in strengthening your personal profile on LinkedIn, please get in touch.

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