Thursday, 22 October 2015

LinkedIn changes get its users buzzing

Do you like LinkedIn because it is not the same as other social media networks?

Do you appreciate its business focus that allows you time away from the gimmicks and gizmos of other social media channels?

Well, in that case you might be one of the users feeling a bit peeved about some of its latest changes.

Both the LinkedIn messaging system and LinkedIn Groups have had a massive overhaul.

For example, when you send a message to your LinkedIn connections, you can now add a sticker of a cup of coffee, or a cat, a GIF or an emoji from a selection that LinkedIn has picked to add a bit more 'personality' (so LinkedIn says) to the conversations you're having.

Many of us dislike change, but social media channels need to keep evolving and they are bound to look at the trends and changes in how people are creating and sharing content and communicating with one another.

One of the issues we have as loyal users of channels and websites is that they often don't tell us that change is on the way. We just log on one day and it all looks a bit different. My favourite image creation website is one that has had a new look this week.

I've written in more details about the LinkedIn changes to messaging and Groups in a blog this week for Cartwright Communications.

The changes certainly aren't going to make me abandon LinkedIn. I'm a big fan of the way it can bring buyers and suppliers together and help businesses and professionals to raise their profile and showcase their products and services. I'm looking forward to delivering a sold-out course on using LinkedIn for Business for Enterprise Nation in November in Burton-on-Trent. I'm also going into a number of Midlands companies in the coming weeks to help them make better use of LinkedIn and delivering some one-to-one coaching.

Do leave me a comment if you have an opinion to share about the recent changes to LinkedIn. I'd love to know whether you are 'for' or 'against'.

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