Tuesday, 3 November 2015

RIP little star - Twitter's traded you in for a heart

One of the little things that made Twitter different from other social media platforms was the stars displayed beneath tweets, which encouraged users to 'favourite' them.

One of the questions I am most frequently asked, when I'm helping businesses and organisations get to grips with Twitter, is 'What is favouriting?'

It seems that across the world people have been asking the same question. So from today the star has started to disappear, to be replaced by a heart and the word 'like'.

It seems to be part of a drive by Twitter and its new CEO (who was one of its co-founders) to make Twitter easier and more appealing to users. In recent weeks we've also seen the introduction of polls that can now be easily created with a choice of two answers:

Each poll closes after 24 hours and automatically displays the results.

Here's a blog post I wrote today for Cartwright Communications about the Twitter changes: www.cartwrightcommunications.com/blog/twitter-changes-its-favourite-star-for-a-heart.

Let me know what YOU think about the changes. Do you still 'heart' Twitter? Or is it no longer your favourite social media channel?

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