Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday Motivation - a giveaway to help you with blogging inspiration

Blogging is a great way to raise your profile if you run a business of any size or work as a freelance.

Some companies have a blogging module built into their website, or use free tools like Blogger to create a feed of news, articles and opinion pieces that can be linked to their website or stand alone.

LinkedIn publishing post buttonIf you don't think you'll have enough material (or time) to blog consistently, you might want to think about using the LinkedIn publishing platform, Pulse. Just click the 'Publish a post' button on your LinkedIn home page to get started and write an article whenever you have the time and something, useful, interesting or thought-provoking to share.

Benefits of blogging

  • Writing a blog is an effective way of showcasing your personality and your values as well as your knowledge and skills. You can talk about what makes you, your products and services different and provide a glimpse behind the scenes at your business as a way of building trust and confidence.
  • Using the power of storytelling on your blog you have a greater chance of persuading people to take the action you want whether that is clicking through to a landing page on your website, signing up for a newsletter, emailing or picking up the phone to make an enquiry.
  • Google wants to drive people to the most relevant, high quality websites, so useful blog articles that help, inform and entertain can help improve where you appear in the search engine results when people look for what you sell.
  • Blogs can help you build relationships with your suppliers and partners and show your customers that you are ready and willing to listen to them, answer their questions and act on feedback.

Inspiration and organisation for blogging in 2016

Sometimes the business people I talk to say they struggle to come up with ideas and to plan ahead for the blog posts they want to write. So in December, my friends at Essential Print Services in Derby helped me to design a blogging content calendar card that will prompt you to think about at least one blog topic a month that you could write and how it can help you reach and influence your ideal customers through keywords and strong, relevant  'calls to action'.

Content calendar for blogging from Caittom Publishing

As we approach the end of January I have a handful of these left, so if you want to start blogging for your business this year, contact me and I'll be happy to pop one of the calendars and a pen in the post to you.

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