Wednesday, 6 March 2019

How to create quality content and relationships on LinkedIn

Success on LinkedIn, in my experience, comes through behaving the way we would like others to behave when we network in the real world.

This means:

  • We don't SELL, SELL, SELL (not shouting by over-using capital letters is good too)
  • We do spend twice as long listening as we do talking
  • We build relationships and show support for our own suppliers and customers
  • We invest time and thought in creating useful and interesting content.
The difference between LinkedIn and your average business networking event in the real world is that LinkedIn is a global platform and gives you the opportunity to connect with people you may never meet face-to-face but who will follow and support you if you give them content they value. The result of this type of organic growth is that you gain visibility, credibility and ultimately grow your business.

After a year away from running workshops and courses, during which time I've been busy ghostwriting content including LinkedIn articles for busy business owners, I ran a half-day course in Staffordshire in February. Feedback from the delegates was so positive that I've been encouraged to re-run it at the same venue, Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter, on Thursday morning, April 4, 2019.

Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter

As a writer my focus is on the content you create and share on LinkedIn. So I will help people to understand WHO it is they want to 'talk' to through LinkedIn and WHAT this 'target audience' wants from them.

What your potential customers need to hear is not always the same as the message you may be in the habit of pushing out.

I'll spend some time during the morning of April 4 helping the delegates get up to speed on the features, functionality and privacy settings on LinkedIn so that we are all on a fairly level playing field when we move on to look at creating a bespoke marketing strategy and action plan for using LinkedIn. The joy is every strategy will be different, because every business is different and every business owner has a different journey, a different story, a different 'Why?'

I don't believe that the effective use of LinkedIn is about building a huge database of tens of thousands of connections and firing out sales messages and hoping that a few of them stick. Most SMEs I have worked with over the past nine years have had better results through building a quality network that wants to hear from them. The opportunity to create articles on LinkedIn allows you to become a thought leader and is a powerful way of building the credibility that I mentioned earlier.

There are only seven places available on the April 4 course and you can find out more and book by contacting me.

Thanks to Richard Scott of Invictus IFA for the testimonial he gave me after attending the course in February. He said: "The training was so different to what I had experienced before. Elaine got us to focus on our own needs and objectives and understand the mechanics behind the scenes, including how it could work for us and how we could add value to the relationships we build on the platform. 

"What we were trying to achieve as a business was much more important than it being 'just a numbers game', Putting together quality content and building a strong online presence were key parts of the training event that I took away and have decided to work on to improve my own experience long term. Training is always great when you drive away knowing that it was time well spent."